About Noblesfontein Windfarm

The trust was registered and started up in 2012 with the sole purpose of providing an education to students from local communities which surround the Noblesfontein Wind Farm, including but not limited to Beaufort West and Victoria West Municipalities.

The intention is that every 3 years, the trust aims to enrol 36 learners and provide them with the necessary education needed which will allow them to obtain a recognised certificate of achievement in their desired field.

In August 2013, the first training commenced and 26 learners were enrolled to be trained as either plumbers or electricians.

Classes were facilitated at the Victoria West Academy and were held from Monday to Friday each week.

The learners completed the theory part of their courses by November 2013, and the practical part of their course commenced in January 2014 up until April 2014.

Between April and August 2014, learners worked at their host employees and the second part of the theory course commenced on 1 September 2014.

Exams were written in November 2014 and in January 2015 21 learners had successfully completed their training courses and are ready to enter the workforce.

The Noblesfontein Enterprise Development Trust is now in the process of starting up a civil works company, and once set up, some of these learners will by employed by the civil works company.

Recognizing education as a pivotal aspect in growing the community, Noblesfontein enlisted the help of Make A Difference Leadership Foundation (MAD), where the focus is on identifying, supporting and developing the future leaders of South Africa.

In 2016, with the assistance of MAD, scholars from the local schools were identified and chosen for the 2017 bursary intake. The aim is to enrol several students every three years, providing training with a recognised entity and for them to be certified in a specific field. MAD provides a comprehensive and long-term scholarship programme, offering scholars support in the areas of mentorship as well as personal, academic and leadership development.

Moving Forward

The Noblesfontein Educational Trust and Noblesfontein Educational Trust now has hospitality in mind for the local communities.
The trust’s have been making inquiries for training from accredited schools in the area, and this project is set to commence in June 2015.
The training will be provided and paid for by the Noblesfontein Educational Trust, and the Noblefontein Enterprise Development Trust will focus on providing permanent job posts for these learners, post the training courses.