About Noblesfontein Enterprise Development Trust

The Trust  has been established to develop and support businesses in the most cost effective manner possible, which will result in the acceleration of the development and sustainability of small enterprises in a previously disadvantaged communities.

We are to create job opportunities for approximately two hundred people, over a twenty year period.


Due to the nature of the Noblesfontein Wind Farm the trustees felt that there was a need for a twenty-four hour security company, to keep watch over the farm.

As there is no local company for security that is based locally (Victoria West and surrounds), it was decided that in order to save the project company costs, it would be better to start up the new company and provide training to previously unskilled workers. This Company was planned to run independently on the farm. The security company was started in October 2014 where twelve learners underwent security training, levels E to C for two weeks. Training was provided by Ukhuselo Training Academy and Security. We have received and issued the certificates to the staff.

In November 2014, Lindile Fata was employed to manage the administration of the company. The company is currently running independently on the farm.

Due to the nature of the Noblesfontein Wind Farm, being the generation of electricity by wind turbines, the environmental obligations imposed upon the project company, are obligations which fall not only on our company, but any company which chooses to operate in the alternative energy industry.
Bats and birds frequent the farm, and a number of fatalities by the turbines occur on a daily basis. It is thus our environmental obligation to implement both the monitoring of these fatalities as well as investigate ways to minimise these fatalities.

Based on the above, Noblesfontein Wind Farm was obligated to put into place the bats and birds monitoring activity during both the pre-construction and construction phases, as well as to continue with this monitoring during the operations phase of the farm. During the pre-construction and construction phases, Bioinsight performed this monitoring. Now that we are in the operations phase, the project company had the option to hire a company to advise, construct and monitor the bats and birds activities or to start up a company through the Enterprise Development Trust, and thereby provide jobs to the local community.

As no specialist companies for Bats and Birds monitoring are based locally (Victoria West and surrounds), it was decided that in order to save the project company costs, it would be better to start up the new company and provide training to previously unskilled workers.
Outsourcing this service to a specialist company would not be cost effective to the project company. By providing this service through the bats and birds company the project company not only saved on costs but adhered to both its socio economic and enterprise development requirements.

In November 2014 the trust was approached by Frank Rathenham to start up a soup kitchen in the community.
Frank resides in Victoria West and had done research with the SAPS and Department of Social Development on the primary concerns in the town. He came to a conclusion that the biggest concern was the amount of children there are not going to school and begging on the streets in Victoria West.

He felt that he had to come up with an idea to uplift the community, thus wanting to establish the Noblesfontein Soup Kitchen. He sent in a proposal which included a start-up and monthly budget, that would also allow employment of three local women and himself.

Due to the budgets and planning for this company, it started only in March 2015.

The Trust was in the opinion that the Noblesfontein roads needed tremendous attention. Therefore they propose that localized maintenance should be performed on a monthly schedule.

Below is an extract from the proposal that was sent;

The maintenance will be necessary to ensure that we do not lose the quality of the roads and to maintain stable road surfaces before the heavy winter rains. According to the calculations, the civil works will take about one week per month to maintain status quo. In addition to that, the company would need heavy machinery on a quarterly basis and that will be for a duration of about three weeks per quarter.

These works will necessitate additional labor of six people and also qualified operators for the machinery. The maintenance will also include the following;
– Maintenance on drainage systems and erosion to road surfaces,
Maintenance on platforms and cable trenches.

This company is in the process of registration.

Due to the distance from town to the farm and research done, the trustees felt that it is necessary to start up a company that assists in transporting staff to and from the farm and also a company that could hire out the equipment for the road maintenance.

The company will be managed by a female who resides in Victoria West. This company is in the process of registration and financing of the vehicles and construction equipment.

On the Noblesfontein farm there is an old farmhouse that the farm owner is refurbishing. The trust sees this as a good opportunity to assist in starting up a hospitality lodge to put the small town of Victoria West on the map and also educate and employ locals who are interested in the Hospitality Sector.

This company is in the process of finding a suitable training facility.